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This webring links breeders, trainers, showmen, and people who teach others about America's Horse, the quarter horse. Members of this ring are selected based on their professionalism, quality breeding, desire to improve on the breed and humane treatment of their animals.

Requirements for Membership Are:

  1. You must be serious about wanting to be a member. This site is for breeders, trainers, showmen, and teachers of riding, or care of horses. It isn't for people who have one or two horses for riding or for fun. It is also not for tack salesmen or vendors.
  2. There cannot be any nudity or pornography on your web pages. Those sites will be removed immediately.
  3. Changes may be made to this list at any time.

The main goal of this ring is to link together people who are serious about improving on the quarter horse breed, people who are interested in meeting other breeders, trainers, etc., gathering together people who are looking for a particular bloodline to add to theirs, trainers sharing their techniques, showmen sharing their knowledge of what judges are looking for.

Now, I know that spam is a problem. It is for everyone. However I will not fill out any application to send you email. I do not have the time nor the desire to do so. You will receive the ring code in your email that you put in your information. If it comes back as undeliverable unless I fill out an application to send it to you, then you won't get it.

To maintain the quality and integrity of this ring, America's Quarter Horse reserves the right to add or remove (without notice) any member at anytime from the web ring and queue site list based on current, on-going reviews and assessments of their sites, comments and recommendations of the existing members, visitors or ringmaster. If you want to join, fill-out the form below.

NOTE- Please submit the URL that your web ring graphic will be located on. Usually this is the index.html or main.html or a separate page for web rings.

Any questions, please address to the .

Thank You.

First fill out the form below and submit.

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Next save the America's Quarter Horse graphic on your own server in the directory with your index page. You will receive an email with the code to put on your web page or you can copy the code in the box below and paste it in the body of your web page, making the following changes: Replace ***SITE EMAIL*** with your email address and ***SITE TITLE*** with the name of your web site. Replace ***SITE ID*** with the Site ID you received in the email. When you have done this please send an email to the and your site will be ready for approval. You will then be automatically added to the queue, but are not a member yet. You will receive an email when your site has been accepted.

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